Required Materials:

Solar System (Any EPEVER product that supports RS485 feature), eBox-WiFi-01, Ethernet Patch Cable (Two sides with same pairs), A Computer with WiFi feature.

Ethernet Patch Cable Pairs Example:


Process Steps:

1. Power on the solar system

2. Connect the Ethernet Patch Cable to Solar system

3. Connect the other side of the Ethernet Patch Cable to eBox-WiFi, the green power light will be on

4. Search for the eBox-WiFi-01_XXXXXX via PC WiFi

5. Connect to the eBox-WiFi-01_XXXXXX (It may take a while for authorization)

6. If connected successfully, the eBox-WiFi green link light will be on

7. Open up a browser and enter the link

8. Log in to the system

Username: admin

Password: admin

9. Click on “Choose File” under “web升级” section (IMPORTANT: do NOT click “Choose File” from the top section, if you uploaded the firmware from the top section, it will break your device)

10. Select the file LSD_webServer_1120.bin that you downloaded from the attachment (Bottom of this page)

11. Click on “开始升级” in the bottom section

12. Wait for the message “success, go to index

13. Restart the eBox-WiFi (Unplug the Ethernet Cable from eBox-WiFi, then plug back in)

14. Search and connect to the eBox-WiFi via PC (same as step 5 and step 6)

15. Open up the browser again, go to a new tab and enter the link

16. Log in to the account

Username: admin

Password: admin

17. Check the web version on the top right corner, if it’s (V2.00_50008), you have successfully updated the web firmware

18. Go to “Mode Setting”, next to the “Mode Select”, change the mode to “STA Mode”, click on “save”, then you are all set

Click here: How to return to the AP mode after changed to the STA mode?